Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TWO milestones

Well, not only did I survive NaBloPoMo (or whatever it was--NaNoBloPo?), but today is my FOUR HUNDREDTH post.  How the heck did that happen?  I think you can only say I posted every day in November if you are willing to count non-posts like videos and numbness.  And I have to do a presentation tomorrow, so I don't have time to come up with something brilliant to close out the month.  But I did technically speaking post every day this month, including two on a couple of days when there was late breaking news.  Now I'm slinking back into my corner and returning to my previous haphazard schedule.

But because I love you, I'm passing along this link:  the HenCam.  Did I tell you MadMax wants to raise chickens at the new place?  I cannot picture myself as Mrs Greenjeans scattering grain to the pullets at dawn every morning.  Oh, Lord, it gives me shivers to even think about it.  But he is so excited. So I've been trying to be a good sport and find out what's involved.  I discovered the HenCam today.  It probably only functions during daylight hours, but who wouldn't want to watch this guy's chickens scratching around the yard?  And there's a goatCam! (link is to the left of the HenCam)  Don't say I never do anything for you. 

And that's all I 've got to say.


  1. Oh I am totally stealing this link and putting it up at my place. And won't my Empress be happy?! She wants chickens too. They aren't as huge a chore as you'd think, if you have a husband and kid to catch the slack for you. I'm sure you've seen the feeding jar things by now, not like they'll starve if you don't get out there by the very second the sun rises.

    You did great this month... are you SURE you don't want to keep going?! Ah ha ha ha ha........

  2. Congrats!!

    Hen thing - too funny. The Marx Brothers, with parents, took to chicken farming during wwi or ii cause their stagedoor mama didn't want the whole act to be enlisted. As Harpo Marx tells it (and he is NOT a reliable narrator of his funny autobiography) their mother chose the eldest to enlist, cause he wasn't as talented. And the whole getting up at sunrise only lasted a few days. ...I'll have to find the passage and put it on my blog.

  3. Hi - I'm the owner of HenCam (and all those chickens, bunny and two goats). Thanks for the link. You should know that I'm a writer (5 published books, more on the way) and my animals provide both inspiration and procrastination. All writers should have chickens :)

  4. ...and if I could spell hundredth I might even look like an intelligent person. I'm really really tempted to fix that even though it will pop it back up to the top of everybody's RSS feed, because it's going to bug my OCD self every time I see it. hmmmm.

    @julie- yup, I'm sure. :-) I have not only my kid and spouse, but several neighbors who want to join in. We may end up with a crowd. I'm drawing the line at ten chickens to start, though.

    @London-- OK, I will check back. you and I have all our interesting conversations in the comments of our blogs. I was thinking about making a post out of that toward the end of the month. It may still happen.

    Hi, Terry! thanks for stopping by and braving my snarkiness. I love your chickens, and my son is thrilled with the hencam. He will probably become one of your most frequent visitors. I hadn't thought of the procrastination aspect of owning chickens. I'm already pretty much a world class procrastinator, so this will just add to my repertoire.