Friday, November 25, 2011

Left behind #2: bookshelves

On the list of things I will miss when we move:  the bookshelves.  all those lovely bookshelves.  We have other, movable bookshelves that we're taking with us (which are also full), but we can't take these.  I thought about clearing the counter off before I took the pictures, but then I decided you might as well see us as we are.  And plus, now you'll understand better why it's going to take a front-end loader to get us out of this place. :-)

(the black thing in the bottom corner of the last shot is the edge of my beloved hated treadmill.  That's going with us, so it won't be left behind, but we can't take the blue wall that goes with it.  I spent days picking out that paint color and it makes me happy every time I see it, sort of like the Caribbean in our basement.)  Wait, I will go take a picture of it.  This wasn't part of the original plan.  *brief pause*  Well, the picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice, but here 'tis.  It's several shades darker and more vibrant than this in person.


  1. You might have more books than I do. But not by much.

  2. Those are great bookshelves.

  3. You know me well enough by now to realize that I never use the words envy or jealous, but holy crap Barb! I would kill a person for those book shelves!
    (I noticed nothing out of place in those pictures, don't even worry in that direction.)

  4. @debbie-- I'm not sure I believe that. :-)

    @London-- Thanks-I'm going to miss them!

    @Julie-- I KNOW! That's what sold me on this house. I originally didn't want to move from our previous house, but I told Dean that if he could find a house I liked better, I'd go along. After a couple of days of looking at houses that didn't convince me, we walked into that room and I said, OK we can move.