Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I don't have any non-US readers as far as I know, but wherever you are, Happy Thanksgiving!  Our friends are doing the turkey, stuffing and gravy (yay!), so we only have to worry about side dishes.  We have three pies made, one in the oven, and two to go (six pies, but four different kinds since high demand means two of apple and pumpkin).  The sweet potatoes are done and waiting their turn in the oven, grape salad is done except the part that has to be done at the last minute, and the greek-style green beans won't start until about half an hour before company comes. Nell is here to help so that's all do-able.  She's a better cook than I am.  MadMax can put the relish tray together.  So I have just a minute here to pop in and wish you all a great day.  Now I'm off to make my family phone calls.


  1. Barb - I just put up a blog post with a personal message at the end for you. I've been off the computer for a few days but I wanted to thank you for the books. I don't have your email address for some reason. I thought sure I did. I also don't have the default emailer thing loaded correctly and it won't let me click on your email off your blog.
    So thank you! So far I've read the Lori Wilder one and it was a hoot.

  2. You have mentioned this "grape salad" twice, and yet ..... I still don't see a recipe anyplace. ;)

    Happy happy to you as well, hope your day was as festive and fun as ours was!

  3. My parents send you their belated Thanksgiving greetings. We ate ourselves into turkey skin induced comas yesterday.

  4. @Judy- I replied! I'm so glad they arrived safely. Hope you enjoy them, and thanks for helping me clear my clutter.

    @UrthaLun-- it's a foodie acceptable alternative to a jello salad. :-) Chop up a bag of cranberries (preferably with food processor) and add to 3 lbs of sliced red grapes with 3/4 C of sugar and let sit overnight. The next day, whip a cup of heavy cream to soft peaks with 3T powdered sugar and stir into grapes/cranberries. Extremely kid friendly. There you go.

    @Debbie-- coma happened here, too. We usually have 3-4 families, but this year we just had 2 and the same amount of food. Plenty of pie for breakfast, anyway! If you're still at our favorite childhood lake (I saw the pic on FB!), tell everybody I said hi!

  5. Thank you! I've cut and pasted and e-mailed it to my own address. I'm sure there is a simpler/quicker way, but that works for me. ;)