Friday, November 18, 2011

putting things in perspective

my friend AC had her biopsy this morning.  The surgery lasted a couple of hours, and it went well.  The results won't be back at least until tomorrow and maybe not for a few days.  it just seems so silly to be going on about my usual business, writing flaky blog posts, making plans for spring break, talking to Nell who is coming home for Thanksgiving next week.  But what else can you do?


  1. Nothing. No thing. Not one damn stinking thing.
    keep her in your heart, your thoughts, and if you believe in them, your prayers. Continue living your life, and every once in a while, stop - be VERY thankful - and then, go right back to living.

  2. thanks, Julie. I know you're right but still it just seems so ridiculous, to keep on with my life while hers is imploding. The best guess at the moment (they still don't have the results back) is that she has 4-6 months.