Friday, November 11, 2011

left behind #1

There are lots of great things about the house we're leaving, but there is nothing I will miss more than this:

Can you see what it is?  It's our measuring wall.  Permanently attached to the wall behind the laundry room door.  The main recent thing it shows is MadMax passing me by last spring, and pulling about dead even with Nell as of today.  *sniff*

I have a feeling there will be a series of these, so that's why this is #1.


  1. That's it. You can't move, we'll all just cry too much.

  2. You know, Home Depot sells dry wall. I am think that you just cut that piece out, save it, and put in dry wall. Who would know? I won't tell.

  3. we've thought about that, but then what would we do with the bit we cut out? frame it? hang it in the laundry room? put it in the garage, probably, and it would sit there and gather dust. I finally decided that I would just take a really high pixel count photo, so it can be blown up enough to see the names and dates, and let it go. But it does make me cry. When we first put our house on the market a little over a year ago, not kidding-- this was the hardest thing about thinking about selling this house. I might even paint over it before we move out, that somehow seems better than the next owners painting over it, without knowing what they're painting over. if that made any sense.

    anyway, thanks to both of you for the sympathy-- I knew you'd understand!