Sunday, November 27, 2011

let's see there has to be something I can blog about

pets? weather? home remodel? how awful the movie was that we watched last night? (Eragon)  I'm drawing a blank here.  The post that has been knocking around in my head for several days is still too embryonic to type out.  I've already written as many filler posts as I possibly can, I think.  Well, OK, since nothing else is coming to mind (between the end of the previous sentence and the beginning of this one was about three minutes of sitting and staring at the screen), I will take those first three and update you on them.

Remember the post about tormenting my dog?  One time I bought her "Dream Bones" at WallyMart, $6.97 for 6 small size bones.  Now she will have nothing less.  If I give her plain rawhide or the milk-bone dog treats, she just drops them on the floor and stares at me.  We've created a monster.  A dollar a day for dog treats?  So far we're doing it, but eventually the, um..., gravy train may run out.  OMG, that reminds me-- remember that commercial for Gravy Train dog food with the little bitty wagon train?  I haven't thought of that in years. 

Well, I could get sidetracked on great commercials.  My all-time favorite:  the MacDonald's commercial where the little girl, about 4 years old, is sitting in her car seat with the whole family in the car. She's talking and talking and talking.  and then talking and talking some more.  They go through the drive-thru at MacD's and get her a milkshake and suddenly there is blessed silence.  I only saw it once, I wouldn't be surprised if they got flak for perpetuating sexist stereotypes, but since we went through that exact same stage with Nell, it just made me laugh.  To be fair, MadMax has a couple of (guy) friends who are similarly chatty.

The weather.  We're supposed to get rain tonight, but then snow again later in the week.  Typical for this time of year.  It is actually unusual for us to have a white Christmas, although we have the last two years.  If relatives come up from the South to have a white Christmas, we're pretty much guaranteed to not have any snow.

Home remodeling.  It starts.  Tuesday.  We're having the awful, tacky paneling torn out and dry wall put in, the fiberglass tub in the master bath turned into a tile shower, and new paint, carpet and light fixtures throughout.  Funded by the proceeds from the sale of this house.  It sounds simple doesn't it?  But we don't know anyone who has remodeled without some horror stories so I'm sure we're in for something.  I'll keep you posted. 

Another day done.  I don't think I'll do this again next year, but I suppose it's good discipline.


  1. Get ready, this will take a while...

    The Circe thing from yesterday, wow I'd kinda like to read (or have interpreted for me) that version. Probably.
    Yes, still lost. Someplace in the house or my old garage office.

    Oh man, I totally loved that damn series of commercials with the tiny little wagon train. But no, I never did see the ad with the talking little girl. Hanna talked even before she had words, and hasn't stopped since. Emmy was never like that, and J.D. CAN be chatty, depending on the topic. Dan has two guy friends who can give even The Hurricane a run for her money (or my mother, the only other person, besides me, who I can think of that actually talks as much as my middle kid).
    It IS kind of a stereotype, but I bet it was still funny as hell.

    We need pictures of this remodel project.... some before and afters would be just right. And no, work like this never goes perfectly, because homes are built by human hands, and humans are flawed.

    You won't be continuing to blog daily after this month? Lol, are you SURE?!

  2. Mac ad sounds funny and would have been me as a child.

    Oliver the Cat's mother and I were talking about those ads recently, the wagon ones! Back in the day her family bought some for their dog, and the portion on the bag seemed ridiculously large. But she used it anyway, and the dog loved it so much he ate and ate and ate and felt ill but kept eating... and then it alllll came out, just as nonstop, the other end. !! I will never forget that story.

  3. how did I miss these comments? sorry, Julie and LondonMabel.

    Julie, I have an idea if you really want to read Circe. I will e-mail you. I would actually be really curious to see how it reads if you just jump into it. It is already too late for some of the before and after pictures since the carpet and the fiberglass tub are already gone but you're right, I should definitely start taking pictures.

    @london- I've heard stories about the "other end" problem with Gravy Train dog food! That's one of the reasons we've never tried it. It was a cute commercial, though!