Thursday, November 03, 2011

the back post

OK, I thought of something quick I could fill in November 3rd with.  Because Kim Kardashian filed for divorce this week after 72 days of marriage.  Dean and I cynically gave them less than a year, but seventy-two days???  I've had migraines that lasted that long.  and then she tried desperately to spin it so that she looked good and her poor husband looked bad.  give up, Kim, because there's no way to spin that.  If she'd said, "We rushed into this and we're separating while we get counseling," I might be skeptical, but I'd wish them well.  "The public pressure is killing us, so we're going to an undisclosed location for six months to work it out," and I'd admire the hell out of her and hope the paparazzi would leave them alone.  But file for divorce after 72 days?  that's just lame.  it doesn't even have enough strength of will behind it to qualify as bad, and certainly not evil.  It's just stupid, silly, lameness.  It must have been all about the wedding, the spectacle.


  1. I feel like I should apologize for this one, it's my first time ever to comment on a celebrity in a blog post. But I wanted something quick, and this is what came to mind. Given the post I wrote the same day, I can only say I must have been in one heck of a bitchy mood.

  2. Just glad you didn't delete it before I got here!
    And hey, besides that, you were right. Completely.