Monday, December 05, 2011

why my hair is mostly pulled out

Here is what you should not do two weeks before the end of the semester:  do not buy a house.  especially do not buy a house that needs to be remodeled.  especially do not buy a house that needs to be remodeled that keeps having more and more problems the more you work on it.

Because you will have to spend all the time that you should be spending on your two 20-page papers running around town picking out paint colors and getting stain samples and looking at ten gazillion colors and types of tile (who knew there were so many different kinds of tile?), and meeting with the carpet installer to find out how to solve the problem of not one level floor surface in the house.  And you will need to "pop over" to the other house at least two times a day and sometimes up to four to respond to various questions that come up as our valiant, beleaguered carpenter tries to do the things we asked him to do in a house where nothing is quite right.

Every time I'm over there I make myself stand in front of the window, even if it's only a few seconds, to remind myself why we're doing this.  Julie reminded me that it would be good to have before and after pictures, but it's already too late.  The old carpet is pulled out, they're drywalling over the cheap 70s paneling tomorrow, and the 30-year-old fiberglass jacuzzi tub got pulled out the first night.  Ha.  But I just remembered that the bright red-plaid glue down carpet in the laundry room is still there.  I'll try and get photographic evidence tomorrow.

It's entirely possible I will be insane by the end of this.  I went to Costco this afternoon and bought a bunch of frozen food because I will not be cooking for the next two weeks.  Other than to slide things into the oven or the microwave.

The carpet installation guy (who is already booked out until mid-January) said to me today, "Remodeling is brutal."  Why, yes.  That would be correct.


  1. And remodeling, right before end of semester, while in the middle of a freaking retrograde, is even MORE brutal!

    But wow and holy crap and whoa nellie, will that new house feel welcoming and fresh and like such a damn sanctuary once it gets all done and become home.
    Deep breathing, GREAT job standing in front of the window, more deep breathing.

    (Oh I can not WAIT for the plaid pictures.)

  2. How about a picture out the window from which you are looking? So we can see it and start making devious plans to come visit.

    And, yes, that would be me reading through your blog history. I have so much to say, but now I have a cold and my brain cells are swamped under a flood of snot. Doesn't THAT sound attractive?

    FGBVs on the remodeling. It sucks.

  3. @julie I went over there today with camera in hand, only to discover once I got there that the SD card is still in my desktop. FAIL. Will try again later today. There is only one little patch of paneling still showing, but he said he's working on something else now so it should still be there later this afternoon. :-)

    @karen- you are? wow, thanks. I feel like I should rush back and fix typos and grammar errors-- like if you know company is coming over and you rush around to pick up and clean the bathroom sink. ;-)

    I will also take window pics. When I get back over there. with the damn card.