Tuesday, November 08, 2011

the power nap

Yesterday's post started out with three paragraphs of how I couldn't think of anything to say, until suddenly I thought of garage sales.  So I ended up deleting the first bit.  So that means today I can whine about not being able to think of anything to say because I didn't say it yesterday, right?  I could do a Poetry Tuesday, but we're still on Wallace Stevens and I just don't wanna.  Not that there's nothing to say-- the more we read of him, the more I like him-- it's just that Poetry Tuesday takes work and I'm too tired.  So tired I had to pull over at a scenic overlook on the drive home from UTown so I wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel.  Took a five-minute catnap and then hit the road again.

Hmmm.  Whine #1:  Nothing to say.  Whine #2:  I'm tired.  These things come in threes, right?  so let's see.... another whine.... 

Except it just occurred to me I could write about naps.  I love naps.  Dean hates them.  If he falls asleep in the afternoon, he crashes for two or three hours, and then feels like crap when he wakes up.  When I take a nap, it takes me about ten minutes to fall asleep, then I sleep for about ten minutes, and then it takes about ten more minutes to wake up.  Thirty minutes and I feel great. 

Driving naps are even shorter.  Sometimes I get so dopey that I'm afraid I'm going to crash.  When that happens, if I pull into one of about a dozen scenic overlooks along my route, I can be asleep in under a minute.  Five to ten minutes later, I wake up and am good to go.  It's weird, I know.  I worry a bit that someone's going to pull over to check on me sometime, and I will be embarrassed to death.  But at least I won't have died in a car crash.

Hmmm, well, it's not Literary Art (and when are they?), but *check.* Another blog post for NaBloPoMo. :-)  How do you feel about naps?


  1. I'm with Dean on the naps. "Sleep when the baby sleeps" is quite possibly the worst advice I have ever followed. I constantly felt like crap. I'm better off not sleeping at all.

    But because you are so good at it, you are now required to take a daily nap, just for me. (Since I always feel like I need one, but never actually take one.)

  2. My word we are married to clones! HHBL doesn't usually nap. But when he does it is 2-3 hours long and then he can't get to sleep in the evening. I perfected my power napping skills in college but my dad is the power napper supreme.