Thursday, December 08, 2011

fortress of solitude

OK, I took the pictures at the house, but I don't have time to post them tonight.  But!  I have a better picture to tide you over, never fear.  When I was driving back from UTown today, I saw the most amazing thing.  I practically drove off the road looking at it.  Then I remembered that I had the camera in the car from taking pictures at the house, so I turned around and drove back.  I had to stop on a bridge, with a shoulder that was only half as wide as my car, in a 70mph speed zone with cars whizzing by me, so this is not the best picture in the world.  But way cool, yes?  Sorry about the telephone wire running right through it.  I'm assuming it's a sweat lodge, but I know nothing about it other than what's in the picture.


  1. well, ok, but since you are my only commenter so far, you'd better put it back. :-)

  2. actually, now that I think about it, it's probably an anti-sweat lodge, because it's hard to imagine you could sweat even a drop in there.

  3. I have no idea what I wrote yesterday!

    Let's go with, thank you. For thinking of us and for risking life and limb to get us this amazing photo. I love it, the beauty and emotion comes through on the screen in such a deep way.

    And I appreciate you taking those other comments down. Mistakes are painful, I don't need to see them staring at me. No one learns that way. ;)

  4. It looks pretty damn cool, whatever it is.

  5. @julie-- no problem, I've had to frantically ask webmasters to delete things for me, too. I almost didn't in this case, though, because even though there were a couple of typos, it was obvious what you meant. But then I remembered when I found hundredth misspelled last week and fixed it. So. there you go.

    @karen- I agree. You know, the strangest thing is that it had this little bit of steam or smoke or something coming out of the top. I didn't have time to look very closely while I was snapping the photo, so I assumed that there was a fire lit in the middle. But now that I can look at it up close, it's obvious there's no fire in there. Maybe the steam was just ice evaporating in the sun? who knows.