Saturday, December 10, 2011

the before part of before and after

Here ya go:  the red plaid carpet

and the last little bit of the paneling that hasn't been covered by drywall:

and the master bath, done in Early Bordello (this looks orange, but really it's red)

Oh, and by the way:  MY FIRST PAPER IS FINISHED.  Phew.  I was pretty pleased with it when I finished typing it, but then I went back and re-read it before e-mailing it to the prof, and I shouldn't have.  On second read-through it sounded awful.  But at least it is done.  Next paper is due Wednesday, so I'm about to disappear again.  Then an exam on Friday, and then I really am done.


  1. Thank you! Very colorful, and ya know, nicely dated. ;)

    Yay on finishing the paper, only two more bits to go now!

  2. yes, two more "bits." If only they really were bits. I've discovered that poor Dean is incredibly stressed about this right along with me, which makes me want to buckle down and um..... get 'er done so that he can relax.

    AND I came up with the BEST idea for solving the book review problem. Will explain AFTER I GET DONE WITH THIS FRICKING MESS.

  3. All I can say about that carpet is "What were they thinking???"

  4. It's fairly astonishing the amount of truly ugly decorating there is out there. The very best ugly I ever saw was a bathroom that was wallpapered in fake black fur. My mind just boggled. And my skin crawled.

    Yay on finishing the paper! I have a friend who is a professor who just finished grading exams and papers and may well be taking to drink at this point.

  5. @debbie I know! that's exactly what I said when I saw it! The previous owners weren't the ones that put it in, but I don't know how they lived with it.

    @karen black fur?? really?? you're right, that is much worse. Although I kind of want to see it. I feel for my professor friends-- about the time I get done, they have to crank into gear and get all the grading done.