Thursday, January 17, 2013

She rests. She has travelled.

Just mailed the absolute final version of my thesis to my advisor for submittal to the Graduate School.  "Getting on Nicely in the Dark:  The Perils and Rewards of Annotating Ulysses," 72 pages long and most importantly, DONE.

(the post title is one of the last lines of Leopold Bloom's part of Ulysses)(modified for gender :-)


  1. Congratulations! I can feel your relief all the way over here.

    Trying to catch up, and I am WAY behind, but your last few posts have been super insightful. I come from generations of bitchy loud women, all of us talking at once and everyone feeling HER words and opinions are the most important. Seeing things from your view is more valuable than I can say. Thank you, for sharing what you do, and helping us to understand.

    Well done, all over the place,
    times about a hundred!

  2. Congratulations seems inadequate. Like I've said it before. But then again - you deserve congratulations, kudos and accolades at every step of this process.
    So congratulations!

  3. WOOOHOOOOOOO!!! All the congratulations! Well done. :D

  4. Thanks, y'all!! I am so happy!