Saturday, January 01, 2011

Books I Enjoyed in 2010

In years past, I've called this list "Books Worth Reading," but I'm trying to cut down on pretentiousness (is that a word?), so I'm going with the slightly less snooty "Books I Enjoyed in 2010."  I seem to always come up with about a dozen, out of many dozens that I read.  If you've been reading along all year, I don't think there are any surprises this time.  If there's a link, it's to the review I wrote--which may be further down the page than where you land with the link. 

Coop-Michael Perry
Little Ray of Sunshine-Lani Diane Rich
Spell of the Sensuous-Abram
American Gods-Gaiman
Equal Rites-Pratchett
Good Omens-Pratchett/Gaiman
Last Exit to Normal-Michael B. Harmon
Guards! Guards! Pratchett
Age of Innocence-Edith Wharton
House of Mirth-Edith Wharton
Wild Ride-Crusie/Mayer
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-Larsson

It seems to have been a Pratchett/Gaiman kind of year but I'm not going to complain because all the ones I read by them were great.  I read all the Tiffany Aching books with my kids, but I'd never made it past the first couple of Discworld books, so I have lots of catching up to do.  and as long as I'm still typing along, I will just add that I don't think the review I wrote of David Abram's book (Spell of Sensuous) came anywhere close to doing it justice.  It's not so much about environmentalism as it is about perception and ways of knowing.  His ideas about language will be familiar to anyone who read Snow Crash (loved that book, but it's been at least ten years since I read it)(and the ideas probably weren't original to Neal Stephenson, either), but his ideas about the way we exist as physical, perceiving entities in the world are really fascinating.

Click on "booklist" below to see lists from previous years.  (p.s., not that you care, but this is a scheduled post, I didn't really write it on the day we drove four hours to New Orleans, then took two flights to get back home).

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