Sunday, January 02, 2011

And now for 2011

I wrote my first check today with the new year on it, and I remembered.  Was proud.  But I always remember the first time-- it will be some time a couple of weeks from now that I will have forgotten about it, and I'll write 2010 on a check, and the clerk I hand it to will look at me like I'm eighty and have alzheimer's.  Which isn't really very funny because most days I'm pretty sure it's happening. 

So anyway, the first check of the new year was written to my daughter to cover her utilities and food for the month, handed to her as we hugged her tight and left her at the train depot so she could make it back to school in time for classes to start tomorrow.  She's on the quarter system, so they don't get much of a break-- but on the other hand, they didn't start until the end of September. I don't start classes until Jan 25th, and can I just say, thank God, because if I had to go back to school this week I think I would just go ahead and pull all my hair out and be done with it.  I finished last semester on a Thursday, did all the laundry and chores and errands I had put off for the previous three weeks on Friday, drove 9 hours to Seattle to pick up Nell and her boyfriend on Saturday,  drove back with them on Tuesday, and then had a mere three days to do practically everything to get ready for Christmas.  It was nuts, and the packages to our out-of-town relatives didn't get mailed until Christmas Eve.  I was a bad elf this year.  Then Christmas day, we left at 7 a.m. to spend the week in Florida and got back last night.  So you can see why starting classes this week would be just a little bit too much.

So this week I have all depressing things to do, but it's January, so what else is new?  Unpack, do all the laundry, put away all the christmas stuff, send the Christmas letter (which I never do until the week after Christmas, so that's not all that unusual).  So it will be awhile before I get caught up.  I did manage to get online briefly to post the beach update from a few days ago, but other than that, I've hardly been online in the past two weeks.  I have almost 300 e-mails built up in one of my e-mail accounts, and several dozen in the other. whine, whine, whine.  More soon.

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  1. Well crap. I commented on the book post and it got eaten. Okay, well just know that I was impressed with your being all efficient, but then you said you had auto-posted, so I felt better.
    Glad to know you have some breathing room in the next couple of weeks.