Wednesday, May 15, 2013

more than you wanted to know....

Well, I am chatty Kathy this week.  What happened?  Last week I almost decided to stop blogging, this week I can't shut up.  You know what?  I just decided to chalk this up to menopause.  I'm still close enough to it that I can blame the emotional rollercoaster on hormones, right?  RIGHT?  *grabs poor defenseless reader by the lapels and glares*  ummmm, yeah. Right.

OK, then.

Moving on.

So I overcame temptation this week and did NOT buy a new book.  The rules have evolved since the last time we discussed this (my new year's resolution to not buy any new books in 2013).  I bought a couple of guide books for Southern Utah before we went on spring break and decided that the resolution only applied to fiction.  And I bought two kindle books-- one to support a friend of a friend's newbie writing career, and one because it was an author I like and it was on sale for ninety-nine cents.  But other than that, I haven't paid money for any books this year.

Until yesterday, when one of my online acquaintances announced the book for the online book club she hosts at her blog every month.  It's one I want to read, and I enjoy participating in her monthly discussions.  Then two or three people chimed in saying that they loved the book (Hi, Karen!).  So there I was on Amazon with my finger hovering over the "send to my kindle" button.

But I resisted.  I may still give in (I've already made it far longer than I thought I would on this resolution), but I decided to at least wait.  That's one of the keys to dealing with temptation, you know.  You don't tell yourself you can't do it, you just tell yourself to wait.  I'm on the waiting list at the library for a copy, and the date of the discussion is still two weeks away.  We'll see.

In other news.....  I went to see Lynne, my alternative medicine friend, and she said to just give in to the tiredness and let my body rest.  Everybody needs a break sometimes, she said.  She also pointed out that I'm probably still recovering from three years of hyper-stress because of grad school.  So I will try to stop berating myself for not being particularly productive, effective, or useful, and relax.

And we're blaming this all on hormones, anyway, right?

I googled around and found this creepy Chatty Kathy commercial on youtube.  How did any of us who were kids in the 60s turn out sane?  *insert horror movie music* OR DID WE?


  1. Dolls are creepy. Just sayin'.
    Checked to see if lending was enabled on the book and it's not. Bummer.
    Look at your calendar and figure out a day that has nothing particular in it and block it out for a rest day. You know - leftovers or frozen pizza for dinner, no agreeing to do anything for anyone, seriously, you can do this and it makes such a difference to have that day.
    And hormones can be blames for all kinds of things - rock on!

    1. Well, I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I've had quite a few of those rest days recently. I've pulled together "meals" but I haven't cooked a real dinner in at least a couple of weeks. I'm trying to trust that if I give myself time, my energy will return.

  2. I like to blame everything on hormones.

    And Dan.

    1. yeah, me, too. Possibly Dean first, THEN hormones. :-)