Monday, May 13, 2013

blog update

Hi, y'all-- I have a couple of posts that need to go up but that probably aren't anything that you will find interesting (like how to get from Dulles to the Convention Center in Washington) (see? I told you), so I'm going to back post them just to get them up.  Feel free to ignore.

Also, I need to go back and add labels to a whole bunch of posts.  I thought that I could do this without republishing the post (on my end, it's just a matter of clicking in a checkbox), but the last time I did it, I noticed it popped back up to the top of my feed in Feedly.  So, massive apologies, because when I get around to doing this there will be a flood of a dozen or more old posts, which are absolutely unchanged except for the labels.  Sorry!!  I will try to do better at remembering to label them when I originally post them.

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