Tuesday, February 12, 2013

11 p.m. on Tuesday and I have to decide...

Ha.  At least I'm making myself laugh.  No, I did not think of anything brilliant to post about today.  So let's see, what can I pull out of the proverbial hat here. 

I haven't done an exercise update in awhile.  The frustrating thing about trying to get back into shape when you're over 50 is that you can never just let it go.  I'll work out consistently for a few weeks, start to feel strong and healthy, then take a few weeks off for whatever reason-- oh, say, maybe a thesis defense followed by a paper, followed by the holidays, followed by a trip to Florida.  And even though I continued to walk almost every day during that time period, I didn't do any of the rest of my usual workout routine (core, abs, upper body).  So then three weeks later when I started back up again, I had to practically have to START OVER.  It is so damn frustrating. 

But I'm still plugging away at it, and I'm still on Fitocracy-- I've been there over a year now.  I never will fit in, but I've got my own system that works for me, so I keep doing it.  I'm like the Energizer bunny, or maybe the tortoise.  All around me are people who rack up huge point gains (two or three or even five thousand points in a single workout), and I just keep doing my little thing (usually I get somewhere between one hundred and eight hundred points per workout).  But I workout almost every day, and not many do.  And also, I can't tell you how many people I've followed since I joined there who have dropped out. 

So I'm still proud of myself, even though I haven't flown through the levels like the weight lifters do.  I should hit Level 28 sometime over the weekend; one guy I follow who joined in October is already Level 36.  He is 52.  I try to find all the people who are in their 50s and follow them.  Band of Elderly Brothers or something like that.  Here is my badge of honor, though:  in 2012, I tracked over 300 workouts on Fitocracy.  Not bad, eh?

Now if only I looked like I did 300 workouts in 2012.  ha.

Let's see, what else.  Valentine's Day.  Wendy, who sometimes reads and comments here, did a great post about boycotting Valentine's Day over at her blog.  She makes some great points about what a silly holiday it is, and she's right.  Dean and I have solved the problem for ourselves by always doing the same thing every year.  I make him a cheesecake, he gets me roses.  It's sweet.  Of course, as you might expect, this year I picked the cheesecake recipe based on how many eggs it uses.  (just kidding, but it does use 3, and since our eggs are smallish I will probably use four). White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, sounds yum, doesn't it?  (it's possible that recipes like these are the reason why  I don't look like I did 300 workouts in 2012).  I'll let you know how it turns out.

Sadie, the puppy, after a couple of months with no accidents had two in one day earlier this week.  WTH?  We had started leaving her out with Jazz (the older dog) overnight and when we were out of the house, but no more.  She is back in remedial training.  If you have any advice, let me know.

And that's enough for another day. 

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