Tuesday, August 10, 2010

functional what?

Cheery-O has a fascinating post up right now about "functional atheism."  It's a Parker Palmer phrase.  He uses functional atheism to describe someone who says all the right things about believing in God, but then acts as if God doesn't exist.  In other words, s/he might acknowledge publicly that God is in control, but then acts as if nothing will happen if we don't do it ourselves.  I may not have described that very well.

So he's using the word "functional" to describe someone's actual beliefs as displayed in the way they act, rather than what they say they believe.  Which then, of course, got me thinking about what my own "functional" beliefs would be.  If you didn't have access to any of my stated beliefs, but you just followed me around for a few days (sadly for you, the main thing it would be is boring), if you were watching my walk and not my talk, how would you then describe my beliefs?  and let me tell you, that is one scary train of thought.  I would go on to describe what you might see, but it's a little too embarrassing.  It's worth thinking about, though.

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