Friday, August 20, 2010

feminism, the ongoing adventures

So I wrote those posts about feminism* earlier this year, and then wasn't happy with them because they didn't seem like quite what I wanted to say, but I never really figured out how to fix them, so I just moved on.  But on one of my many trips this summer, it occurred to me that the problem I was having was that I wanted to write one post about feminism and have it say everything I wanted to say.  In hindsight, that is silly, because it's a huge, complex topic with many different ways that it impacts my life and the way I think.  It has to be an ongoing conversation, and it will be, not the least because I'm taking two classes this fall that will involve feminist literary criticism.  So I decided to put those posts back in place (two of them had been moved), create a label for posts on feminism, and turn it into an ongoing discussion.

But I hadn't gotten around to either doing that or saying that when the issue of gender morality turned up on today.  I plunged in and stated my case badly and probably in a way that was offensive to some, so I'm feeling the need to say more.  So .... I'm working on the next installment in the conversation, which is just one more of what is sure to be many.  it should be up later tonight or tomorrow.

and a postscript, as long as I'm talking about blognews.  At one point I had decided to move literary stuff-- including my grad school adventures-- to another blog.  But over the summer, I've decided that I don't have the energy to manage two blogs, so I bagged that idea.  Plus there wouldn't be much left over to post about here, since I'm betting that being in school this fall is going to take up most of my energy.  So just in case you caught that post (which is now deleted), NEVER MIND.

* and btw, when you click on one of the labels, you get the posts that have been tagged with that label in reverse order (in other words, most recent first).  So if you want to read them in order, you have to start at the bottom and read up, so to speak.  I've tried to figure out how to change this, but according to blogger's help center, there's no way around this at present.

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  1. 1) I'm glad you are sticking with one (rather than multiple) blogs
    2) Some feminists have always seemed to me to suffer from the same slippery slope mentality that makes rabid conservatives seem ludicrous: "If we acknowledge there are physical components to gender difference, next thing you know it will be male superiority all over again."