Sunday, August 17, 2014

looking ahead

Hi, gentle readers. You can't possibly know how much your loyalty and support have meant to me over the past few years. It's not much of a stretch to say that having this space to talk about what I'm thinking has saved my life a time or two. I'm more grateful than I can say.

But for the past several months, I've had the distinct feeling that I'm done with this blog. I'd be on the verge of shutting it down, then some more post ideas would occur to me, and I'd keep going. But that "done" feeling never went away.

I could still do that. I could still write the post about things I've learned about travel over the years, or what we saw in Italy, or how being in Dublin made me practically vibrate with resonances with Ulysses, or the books I read this summer (Me Before You, thumbs up, The Rosie Project, thumbs up, A Thousand Days in Venice, meh, plus a few others). But I'm pretty sure the bottom line is: we're done here.

I can't imagine that I'm done blogging, because I enjoy it too much. Maybe I just need a break. I'll post the doors pictures from our trip after this, and then we'll see what happens. Probably in a few months I'll start up a new blog, maybe over on WordPress so I can have a bit more flexibility in how it's set up. I'll post here and let you know when I get it figured out.

Love and hugs and thanks for hanging with me on my journey.

Blecch. It's making me practically nauseated to post this. But I know it's the right thing, so I can move on to the next thing.


  1. GAH. sick to my stomach, and then I clicked on "publish" and sat here and cried. I hate ending things.

  2. All endings are beginnings. Someone told me that at the end of my summer semester in England 1978.

    I've enjoyed all the posts, but am not surprised. The breaks between inspirations seemed to last longer and longer. I'm glad you've given yourself permission to let it go.

    We will follow you to the ends of the earth or Wordpress...whichever is farther. Just keep us posted!

    1. Thank you, Cheery-O! I will definitely keep you posted. :-)

  3. I can well understand. And you need to do what you feel you should. But I will miss your voice if you go. I will just have to email you

  4. I've had similar thoughts. Well, to everything there is a season.

  5. It has been a pleasure to read your blog, although I have been silent for many months and not commented. Cheers to you for the future. PS ~ absolutely love the doors in the next post.