Monday, August 18, 2014

Break on Through to the Other Side

VoilĂ ! Doors from Italy and Ireland. We were struck, especially in Tuscany, by how much effort people put into the way their front door looked. In those tiny ancient towns, there's no room for a garden or a lawn, so I guess a front door is all you've got. If you're on a slow connection, either skip this one or start it up and go get a cup of coffee while it loads.

I don't know what that little iron house is but it is so cool--the lock? a mailbox?

Doors of the Duomo in Florence

Side door of St. Peter's in Rome, with conveniently located brightly-uniformed Swiss Guard

Front Door (one of several) at St. Peter's. This one is blocked shut and won't reopen
until the next jubilee year which I think is 2025??

#7 Eccles Street, the address where Leopold and Molly Bloom lived
(characters from Ulysses). The door was rescued when the building was converted to a
business and it now resides at the James Joyce Centre in Dublin.

Door into Newgrange, an ancient tomb located about 40 minutes outside Dublin


  1. I never know whether or not you guys get the puns in my post titles, but this one is too good not to point out. "Break on Through to the Other Side" -- it's an old Doors song, get it? and doors open to the other side? get it? ha, now that I've bashed you over the head with it, I'll move along. :-)

  2. English teacher here wasn't paying attention to the title of a work - so, thanks for the explication. I'd have missed it (AND the Doors song) altogether!

  3. Got it! I read the title and immediately heard Jim Morrison singing. Love the pictures.

  4. I always sing your titles!

    Thank you SO much for sharing these!!!!!