Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trouble: that starts with T & that rhymes with P & that stands for Poo

So I probably don't need to tell you much more than that for you to know how house-training is going.  Sadie is still completely adorable (luckily for her), and improvements have been made:  we can go out every half hour instead of every 15 minutes.  But she still definitely does not get the point.

Warning:  TMI about canine scatological function in the next two paragraphs.  Skip if you are uninterested.  You've been warned.

On at least a half dozen occasions we've dutifully taken her outside, let her do her thing, and brought her back in only to find that she wasn't quite DONE.  We've all cleaned up messes.  We've lost count of the number of messes we've cleaned up.  But she can go through the night now, and sometimes through a nap lasting a couple of hours, so she is progressing. 

Sunday night we had friends over for dinner, and we were all standing around the appetizers with glasses of wine in hand.  Sadie snuck in the back and made a big mess right behind one of our guests.  The stink was immediately apparent.  Excuse me, could you move to the other side of the room while I clean this shit up.  *sigh*  We've never had much claim to sophistication, but that pretty much does us in.  If I were feeling especially crude, I would use this moment to segue into a discussion of chicken excrement, but I'm feeling kind tonight.

OK, poo discussion is over.

Here are some photos:
The owl we've been hearing for months, but only just sighted last night.

Our best garden result this year (and there are lots more where those came from)
See it and weep: yup, first mashed potatoes with garden spuds
Miss Sadie
out for a tromp with the doggers


  1. Good luck with the house training.

    Mmmmm, home grown potatoes! And you have much better looking carrots than we ever did - ours were all gnarly and twisted since we have heavy, clay, shale-y soil.

  2. Oh chicken poop would be very interesting!

    " We've never had much claim to sophistication, but that pretty much does us in. " - lol