Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sugar, ahh, honey honey

I've been dismayed about the amount of sugar I eat for a couple of months now, but my weight has been pretty stable recently, so I wasn't really worried about it too much.  But then yesterday I bought a vegan raspberry oat bar at the gourmet food store in UTown.  It was about 3" square, and it was delicious.  I ate the whole thing.  And afterward felt practically nauseated.  It may have been vegan and whole-grain and low-fat and lord knows what other healthy things, but it must have been chock full of sugar, too.  Ick.

As I was driving home-- lots of time to think on a two-hour drive-- I decided to revive an old custom of mine that I haven't done in years.  I used to take a week-long break from sugar on a pretty regular basis.  It's not all that hard to do, as long as the week doesn't include Thanksgiving or Christmas or your birthday.  Anything that comes up, you just remind yourself, it's only a week.

So I started today.  I told Nell I was doing it last night, and she immediately agreed to do it with me.  We'll see how it goes.  So far it hasn't been a problem.  This is only processed sugar, so fruit is fine.  So instead of an almond butter and jam sandwich* for lunch, I had almond butter and banana slices, which might actually be better.  The only problem today has been remembering that I'm doing it-- I had a bite of MadMax's snack after school before I even thought about it.  (*on whole grain bread, because you don't have to tell me, white flour is almost as bad as white sugar.)

And one other thing-- I've told you before some of the search phrases people have used when they end up here.  Usually they're pretty boring or obvious, like "back to school" or "Aunt May's bean soup" or something like that.  But this week somebody got here after entering the search phrase "photos of aunt in toilet."  Not kidding.  Who takes pictures of their aunt in the toilet?  Who gets in a toilet?  *shakes head*


  1. from Nell: Oops, I had Nutella for dinner.

  2. You had me until you mentioned an almond butter and banana sandwich and then I got all nauseated. To close to the memory of the Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches....with mayo....that my mother used to send in my lunch. But I do agree with the cutting down on sugar and the occasional "refined sugar fast".

    1. with MAYO? Oh my lord, no wonder you're nauseated because that is nasty. That is a rare fail from your mom! You've said before you don't like bananas-- I'm not a huge fan, but I do like them in smoothies and (apparently) on nut butter sandwiches.

  3. hmmm a week long sugar fast. Good idea.