Wednesday, June 06, 2012

just us and them chickens

We're about to take off for Nell's graduation and then a week of vacation, and then we will have out-of-town company, and then the trip to Oregon.  So I probably won't post again for quite awhile.  So here is a chicken movie in the meantime.  It's only about 25 seconds long, but it took forever to upload.  I'm not sure what that means for you watching it.  If you have the patience for it, try it and let me know.

 We've been letting them out for awhile every day, but there are so many predators around (foxes, hawks, owls, even the odd bald eagle) that I don't feel comfortable with it unless one of us is out there.  So there I was, wrapped up and sitting in a camp chair with my book, freezing.  Today it is about 45, breezy, and drizzling.  Ah, spring in Montana.  I'm getting pretty fond of our little brood, but they still are not fond of me.  It's easy to herd them, because they're so terrified of me that all I have to do is walk up behind them and off they go.

I'll put a couple of still shots in a separate post in case this takes so long to load that it's not worth it.


  1. You are MUCH better about unplugging from the blog than I am. I worry about getting blog posts up when I am out of the country. I should just say "the heck with it".....but I can't.

    1. oh, well, I haven't had anything to say for awhile now, or I would probably make more of an effort. My blog-fount seems to have dried up! :-) We're leaving in a couple of hours, have a great June!