Friday, March 23, 2012

spring blahs

We're off on vacation tomorrow.  We're headed to Southern California with another family.  Originally we were going to do some of the SoCal tourist-y things, but everyone's so wiped out that we may not do anything but sit on the beach.  I'll let you know how it goes.
I've had a rough week.  I've talked to several other people who have had similar weeks.  Maybe it really was the solar flares, or maybe we're all just damn tired of cold, wet, gray, miserable weather.  It's almost time for my annual post about how it's not winter that I hate around here, it's spring.  Winter is as it's supposed to be, but spring is just another three months of winter.  We won't even get green grass for another five or six weeks.

So have a great week and I will post pics when I return.  There, now that I've promised that, I'll have to find something to take a picture of. :-)


  1. Happy relaxing! Sometimes it feels sooo good to sit and do NUTHIN.

  2. The beach!

    Say hello for me, please and thank you.

  3. Well, I'm a bit late, aren't I? Have fun, relax, rejuvenate, refresh and say hello to the beach for me!

  4. Have a wonderful week!