Monday, July 04, 2011

purple mountain majesty

We've got our problems, I know, but I'm celebrating living in the USA today. In all my travels, I've never found any other country where I'd rather live.  I even think that all those taxes we pay are a bargain to get to live here.  So anyway, here's what we did on Saturday-- a 3-mile hike about 90 minutes from our house.  What's beautiful about where you live?

and p.s.  Grammar mavens, weigh in.  Is it purple mountain's majesty (majesty possessed by the purple mountains), or purple mountains majesty (majesty modifying mountains, poetic but not making particularly good sense), or purple mountain majesties (purple and mountain are both abjectives modifying majesties)?  or there are more ways you could interpret it.  We grammar types get off on this stuff, you know.  According to wikipedia, it is the third option, but I've never sung it that way so I'm changing it to whatever the heck I want.


  1. I've always thought it was the first one, the majesty belonging to the purple mountains, but then I'm kind of a crappy American, and can't carry a tune in a bucket, so I never sing along.

    Water falls!!! (Great family photo too!)
    In an hour I can drive to the beach, that's gorgeous. Oh yeah, and there's some rivers around here someplace.

  2. What's pretty here? Mimosa trees. Honeysuckle. In winter,the place where the eagles roost at sunset.

    I always thought the purple mountains possessed the majesty but I'm not even sure if I spelled possessed correctly.

    What do I know?

  3. see, that's exactly what I thought, too, so I'm glad at least the three of us agree. Purple mountain's majesty. However, not a single source I checked had it written that way. Apparently the original lyrics are "purple mountain majesties," as penned by Katherine Lee Bates in 1895. But who the heck sings it that way?

    Love the beach (hope to see it soon!), and love honeysuckle, too! We don't get honeysuckle around here, I remember when we were kids we used to pull the stamen through the bottom of the flower and lick the honey off. yum.

  4. and p.s., you probably knew this, because someone had to be holding the camera, but just in case, that's dh, MadMax and Nell in the photo.