Thursday, July 07, 2011

odds and ends

So... a few things before we take off for yet another trip-- followups from old posts.

I'm feeling a bit uneasy about the post I wrote on the 4th of July.  I meant it in the vein of "there's no place like home," not that the US is better than anyplace else.  I went back and tried to re-word it, but then figured no one would see it if I did that, so I'll just say this here.  Apologies if I sounded like a boorish American. 

Also, referring back to a post I wrote in March, the PC-USA did ratify amendment 10-A, allowing noncelibate GLBTs to be ordained in churches in our denomination.  I got a call from our pastor this afternoon, and it looks like I will be joining the church this Sunday!  Better late than never.  I hope.

 We are off to the Southeastern US.  It will be hot and humid, and looking at the forecast-- a little rainy.  but we'll have a blast anyway.  Lots of fun with cousins and dh's siblings.  There is a computer at the house, but I probably won't be on it much, so I'll be back the week after!

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  1. Enjoy! (And thanks for the updates.)