Friday, February 11, 2011

cough cough, some *cough* updates, cough, and the big reveal

Sickness reigns at our house.  Dh has had a truly nasty Cough for well over a week.  Bad enough that I've slept in the guest room several nights, which always makes me feel a bit like I'm deserting him, but one of us should be getting some sleep.  Then yesterday, I could feel it coming on, and by this afternoon, The Cough had taken up residence.  I've always been of the belief that the more you cough, the more you cough-- you irritate your throat, and it gets worse and worse.  So I try really hard not to cough.  To the point where tears are starting to stream down my cheeks.

But this one is well beyond that-- it doesn't even begin to be controllable.  The only thing that helps is continuous sucking on a cough drop.  I've been through more than a dozen of them since it started this afternoon.  I went to Target after dinner and bought four different kinds so I can do my own personal test.  If there's a clear winner, I'll let you know. Also stocked up on NyQuil.  The only good thing about being sick is you get to take NyQuil, which makes you sleep like the dead.  That's my plan as soon as I'm done typing here:  take a NyQuil and go to bed. 

But the good news:  no headache since Whinesday.  Yay!  So no more whining in this post.

School update:
I'm still reading Ulysses.  I got behind on the chapter summaries (I'm up to chapter 11 now, but I think the last chapter summary I posted was 4), and it feels a little overwhelming to catch up.  But it continues to be interesting, in a maddeningly difficult, brilliant, occasionally mind-blowing kind of way.  I'm meeting with my professor next week and will perhaps have more to say after that.

The Jane Austen class is better than expected.  I really didn't want to take it, because I adore Jane Austen, and if there's anything that will turn you off of a favorite author, it's reading everything she's written right in a row and studying it intensely. But so far, it has been surprisingly interesting.  I'm not surprised at all that I love her work, but because the professor, who has a somewhat dry delivery, shall we say, has come up with some really interesting perspectives.  Plus, there are only four of us in the class, and now that we're three weeks in and relaxing a little, the discussions are quite good.

Feminist Theory is also interesting.  I'm trying not to post about it continually, because if you were reading along last year, you know I'm completely capable of that.  Dead horse doesn't even begin to cover it.  But there are some interesting things to say, and at least one blog post is half written.  Maybe next week.

You know how neurotic I am about privacy.  But it's getting better.  I'm on Twitter with my real name, because I figure what the heck, everyone else is.  And it has been fine, which has loosened me up a little.  I've even been a little embarrassed recently to post comments on blogs where I'm logged into my gmail account, because it shows up as Aunt BeaN, and out of context, that looks beyond odd.  So I figured out tonight how to change it so even when I'm logged in to my gmail account, it shows up with my name.  I've been using it on non-blogger blogs for awhile now, so I think you all know this, but for those of you who don't know, it's Barb.  So if you see BarbN as a commenter on your blog, it's just me, finally figuring out how to change my username. :-)

Have a great weekend.


  1. Oooh, I am huge fan of Nyquil!!! Bad bad bad that you have The Cough, but good that you get to have Nyquil.
    Glad to hear that the classes are going so well. And hey, I'm always fascinated when you wax poetic about your observations and what you are learning along the way. So any "deep thoughts" you feel like sharing are welcome, as far as I'm concerned.
    And Yay for BarbN!
    Julie (yes, that really is my name)

  2. Hi, Julie-- hope you have no reason for Nyquil for a long time.

    Just noticed that I typed sickness "rains" which is its own kind of correct, but I'm fixing it. I hate typos. :-)

  3. and p.s., just in case you were wondering, Ricola Lemon Mint are my favorite. Not too sweet and the effect lasts for 5-10 minutes after they're gone. They are hard to find, though-- they didn't have them at Target the other night, I had a stash. The various varieties of Halls' probably work well, but they taste so bad I can't keep them in my mouth. Ricola Cherry Mint close second.

  4. I saw that, but wasn't sure if it was intentional, so I waited...
    Oh yes, I DID want to know about your cough drops, I am so overly picky and intolerant I'm always on the look-out for recommendations. I like the Ricola ones as well, and I can't stand the Hall's. Do you just spit them out? I do.
    Hope you are getting better.