Tuesday, September 28, 2010

so many books, so little time

Oh, there are so many things I want to read right now I can hardly stand it.  I was determined not to read Maybe this Time (Crusie's new one) until I finished reading Turn of the Screw, which took forever because I just couldn't get into it.  Had totally forgotten about reading James.  But i did finally finish it a couple of days ago, and now MTT is sitting on my bedside table as my reward for finishing the presentation I have to do this week (Thursday).  Then I just found out that a new Tiffany Aching is coming out!!  (Pratchett's YA series).  Our whole family has enjoyed those-- we listen to them on audiobooks on road trips and they are hilariously lovable.  And since I just discovered Joanna Bourne recently, I have another one of her older ones waiting, plus The Help, and one that is called something like the Guernsey potato peel society or something, and 3 or 4 more just sitting.... and waiting.... for me.... to have time to read them.

On the plus side, the stuff I'm reading for class is actually pretty good.  I adore shakespeare, especially now that we're on our third one and I'm starting to get used to his language and style again.  As You Like It for this week.  And Pauline Hopkins, an African American novelist from the turn of the century (19th/20th), who is entirely new to me and who is the subject of the presentation I have to do on Thurs.  And Kafka's Metamorphosis for tues.  It just makes you wish you were in grad school, doesn't it??

sign me happy happy happy.

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