Wednesday, September 22, 2010

an aside

So I sat down to post this morning with no idea where I was going, but a bunch of things to say after my classes yesterday.  But then I got distracted.  Blogger has "stats" now.  From your "dashboard" (which is what they call the main menu), you can access statistics about your blog.  how many people have looked at each page, what page they came from, what they searched for when they found you, etc.  OMG.  It's amazing.  It turns out that my blog gets a lot more traffic than I realized.  Not that it gets a lot-- less than 50 page views last week-- but STILL.  If you had asked me, I would have said less than a dozen.  Sometimes I'm not sure if it gets any.  And the most popular page on my blog?  this one.  From Jan 2008, which got 5 pageviews last week.  Go figure.  So now I can't remember what I was going to post about and if I'm going to have time to do the treadmill, I've got to run.  (ha)

Oh, great, one more way to waste time on the internet.  Like I needed that.


  1. ooooh me likey! i'm a girl myself and spent about half an hour poring over my stats in utter fascination thanks to your post. not that this isn't a productive use of time. :)

  2. always happy to help, Diva! Anytime you need advice on how to waste time, you just let me know.

    I tried to comment on your Disney post tonight but I couldn't figure out which profile to use, so it wouldn't let me. It looks like it was a great trip, and you look great!

  3. You are my favorite techie. Thanks for the heads up on stats

  4. and for those of you who are curious, there's no way to identify who is behind the pageviews. It's all anonymous, just counts.