Tuesday, February 04, 2014

regroup regather

You know, I occasionally overload myself, and now would be one of those times. For reasons that are no longer clear to me, I signed up to be a volunteer tax preparer with the VITA program through our local United Way. In spite of the fact that it is not really an interest of mine, and that the training has been far more time consuming than I was expecting (and thank God for that since the alternative would have been to turn the tax-ignorant me out upon the unsuspecting taxpayers of our county), I'm feeling no inclination to quit. And I'm teaching this class on Sense and Sensibility, and I'm both a participant and a co-leader of the small groups we're starting at our church, and I'm behind on two other projects (one grad-school related and the other the months-late revision of our family cookbook)(*wince* MMM and cheery-o).

So, in other words, I'm a bit swamped. So blogging/facebook/internet time are the things that are getting booted from my list of things to do. I'll be back in a couple of weeks, maybe three. And of course I'm still checking e-mail and probably (because of my groups) I'll be in and out of FB occasionally, but for the most part, I'm gathering in my attention span so I can get some of this stuff done. See you soon.


  1. See you soon.

    (But not soon enough.)

    We'll miss you.

  2. Totally get it. ciao for niao!