Thursday, December 12, 2013


Julie has done her best to cure me of deleting posts after they're up, or that last one would be gone. None of it was particularly earthshaking, but I just don't usually post about issues, and there's not really any reason for me to because I'm hardly an expert about any of it.

Whatever. I was unusually busy yesterday, so never had a chance to think about it much, and by now most of you have read it, so what the hell. No point in deleting.

It has "warmed up" here-- yesterday we made it all the way up to the mid-twenties.  Since that is about forty degrees warmer than our lows over the weekend, I assumed that it would feel warm and went running around yesterday afternoon without a jacket. But you know, 26 is still chilly and I had to scrounge around in the back of my car, luckily discovering a windbreaker that's been there since August.

We added a foot of snow Monday and Tuesday. The chickens are fine, but Sadie is going through withdrawal from not being able to fetch-- she can't find her tennis ball in the snow. It has surprised us both how far a tennis ball can tunnel from the place where it entered the snow. Sometimes I can't find it either.

Sooooo... that's all I can think of. Hope you are staying calm and carrying on in the midst of the holiday rush.

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  1. You can't even imagine how happy I am right now........... no deleting!

    Also, yeah. It warmed up here, too. But it got ABOVE freezing, so ya know, t-shirts and no socks.
    (who believes that opinions are as valuable as facts)