Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Riffday: back to... um... normal. I think.

Nell took the early flight back to Seattle Sunday morning, Dean went back to work yesterday, and MadMax went back to school today.  So we are as normal as we ever get around here.

1.  I went to the doctor to get three moles removed today-- two on my face, one on my scalp.  She froze the one on my scalp, but the two on my face she ... um.... removed.  I don't want to get too graphic in case any of you are eating lunch.  It didn't hurt while she was doing it because of lidocaine, but now?  Ouch.  It's not horrible, just pretty sting-y.  And while I'm whining, with all the advances in medical technology, etc, why the hell hasn't anyone come up with bandages you can put on your face?  You should be able to buy them in rounded shapes in fair, medium, and dark skin tones.  3M? Johnson and Johnson?  are you listening?  There is nothing

Turns out I am surprisingly (to me) sensitive about this.  I am embarrassed to death to go out with these two band-aids on my face.  Which is odd, because I don't think of myself as being particularly vain.  I almost never wear makeup, I spend less than five minutes a day on my hair.  But it must be pretty bad-- I figured MadMax would make fun of me for being sensitive about it, but when I picked him up from school and told him I was embarrassed to go to the post office, he said, "Yeah, you probably shouldn't."  Ouch.  (Again.  but different ouch.)

2.  I've read so many New Year's posts over the last few days that I can't remember what I learned where.  But thank you to whoever turned me on to Fitocracy.  I've only been using it for three days, so I'm not sure how it will be long term, but so far it is fun.  You enter your workout every time you do one and get a point value for it.  Then you can work toward point goals, etc.  It's a very social network, but I'm not interested in the social part of it as much as I am the points thing.  That appeals to my OCD self-- I can totally get into working toward 2500 points by the end of the month (or whatever).  Oddly, my usual 45 min on the treadmill was 72 points, while the 45 minute walk we took on Sunday afternoon was 92-- seems backward to me since the walk was mostly on level ground, and the treadmill was done at 4-6% incline.  And then 15 min of yoga today was 58 points.  Really?  for yoga?  cool, because yoga makes me feel great but i don't do it all that often because I'm just not that motivated.  But for 58 points in 15 minutes, I might get a lot more interested. ha.

3.  Soft drinks.  At least three or four different posts I read were about giving up soft drinks, so apparently I am not alone.  So far I'm doing OK-- I had already cut back to not having one everyday, and that is probably the hardest part.  But I do get a craving for one with certain foods.  Since I'm already off caffeine, I think it is the fizziness I miss the most, so I bought some sparkling cider.  That works pretty well, but it may not be all that much better than a soft drink.

4.  Movie report:  I saw three over the holidays, and the Muppet Movie was hands down the best.  Unless you have muppet-phobia, you should really find a kid and go.  I borrowed one of the neighbors' daughters because MadMax refused to go.  Cute movie and surprisingly thought-provoking about what it means to grow up.  Sherlock Holmes 2 and Mission Impossible 8 (or whatever the number is) were typical thriller blockbusters, not a thought-provoking moment in sight.  Not worth it unless you enjoy the genre, which obviously MadMax does.  I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes more than MI8 because I like Robert Downey Jr; don't particularly care for Tom Cruise, and that's what MI8 is all about--the glory of Tom Cruise.

and that's it for me today.  I think we are finally done boxing up all the books.  It only took a week. :-)


  1. Normal? Ha, what a funny concept huh? As if there actually IS such a thing. Saying "normal, for us" is the perfect way to go.

    1. Lol, "yeah you probably shouldn't" is SUCH a boy comment to make. I know what you mean though, I had to have a spot (barnacle is the actual medical word for it, horrifically enough) removed one time, about five or so years ago, and now there's a perfectly round white mark on my face, which I hate. And then I hate that hate it.

    2. Yipee for extra points! Dan has been recording my stuff with his Spark People, but the site is confusing for me. I've been looking for another one, I'll go check out yours.

    3. I know how difficult the beverage changing can be. There were many years of MUCH coffee and Mt Dew in my (not too distant) past.

    4. I'm with you, absolutely NOT a fan of TC, but I ADORE Robert Downy Jr. That first Sherlock was fabulously good. (We saw it at home... oh wow, I just realized something, one of the reasons we didn't go to very many movies was because I used to smoke, and now I don't!)

  2. Normal? There is no normal!
    Mom has had to have stuff like that removed and has the same band-aid complaints. All the bumps I've had removed have been on the inside where you don't get a band-aid!
    For drinks, try some of the flavored seltzers. There are ones with no calories and no artificial sweetener but still tasty. Raspberry is a fav of mine.

  3. Re the fitness points -- I'm glad they're awarding that much for yoga. Makes it seem like their approach is holistic, rather than just fat burning.

    I'll probably have some moles removed this year--will report back. ;-)

  4. Well, the Fitocracy thing is paying off already. Today I felt like CRAP on the treadmill, but I wanted my points so I pushed through. I'm pretty sure I would have given up early otherwise. You have to have an invite-- like Pinterest-- so let me know if you want one, or you can click on "I have an invite code" and use ZENHABITS which is what I did. (And you could also check out the zen habits website because it is cool. http://zenhabits.net/start/ For some reason it is occurring to me that I got the zen habits link from you, Karen??)

    Julie--If you do try Fitocracy, make sure you check out the "Getting Started" page, http://www.fitocracy.com/getting_started/ I didn't find it until after I'd become thoroughly confused. :-)

    Terri- me, too, but it just surprised me. 45 minutes on the treadmill seems like much more work than 15 min of Iyengar yoga. It will inspire me to get back into my old routine of treadmill every other day, and yoga and abs on the other days.

  5. Normal? What is normal? I haven't it in many a year.

    I allow myself one regular Coke a month. If I kept it in the house I would drink it every day. I I love it so.

  6. I think it was Skye that mentioned the Zen thing on some other blog. Maybe I'm spending too much time on the computer?

  7. Another not-Tom-Cruise-fan here. So who's watching his movies? I'm going to watch the Muppets at home with my gkids when it becomes possible. They saw it at the theatre and raved. How can it be bad with the Muppets AND OKGo music?