Thursday, October 27, 2011

the view from the deck

for my friend gb who reads but never comments:

And I give up on the book giveaway.  I'll mail the two sets requested, and the rest are off to a local charity resale shop!  It was worth a try!


  1. Oh, gorgeous view! Just lovely.

    (And just so you know, I didn't throw my hat in on your book giveaway because, uh, I might *cough* suffer from a similar ailment. *cough*)

  2. Lol Delia!

    And wow, I agree, gorgeous view!

  3. Thanks, y'all! If you're ever in the area, come on by and we can sit out on the deck and have a glass of wine. And then I'll rope you into helping with the painting, because ohmygosh is there ever a lot of painting to do.

    @Delia-- yes, never try to give books away to a group of people who love books as much as you do! I did end up getting two more requests yesterday, though, so a respectable number of them are off to new homes. or will be, anyway, as soon as I get them to the post office.