Thursday, June 09, 2011

just wanted to let those of you who are regulars know what's going on and ask for prayers/positive thoughts/fgbvs.  I'm on a bus, believe it or not, between Prague and Munich.  We are having a wonderful time, it's been a terrific trip so far.  The only negative has been worry about my dad-- he has taken a severe turn for the worse and I've been getting daily emails from my sisters letting me know what's going on.  I'd appreciate it if you'd think of him and my sisters and his wife, and also us, as we try to figure out whether to keep going or to head back home.  My older sister, who is a medical type, says he probably has at least a week, but maybe not much longer than that.

I miss you and reading your blogs to find out what's going on in your lives-- am already writing posts in my head about what we've done.  we're leaving the city that has the internet connection so I have to get off.


  1. Been praying for your dad. Mom and Dad are flying down to see him the first part of next week.

    Glad to "read" that you are having a good.

  2. Oh so much to say! Thank you for checking!

    One - glad to hear that you are alive and well and enjoying all the delights on offer over there in a foreign land.

    Two - sending thoughts and energy to you, your dad, and all the family.

    Last - do not, Sweetie, do NOT come home and cut this trip short. You have had several great visits with him and he totally understands that this is how things go. Stay in touch with folks, but really, you are where you need to be now.

    Really last - don't delete this, just post something later. (You SO need to step away from that damn delete key, we've talked about this!)
    Much love