Thursday, March 24, 2011

hair today, gone tomorrow

Two of my most favoritest blogs have had entire posts dedicated to hair this week.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  So I've been trying to come up with some interesting way to blog about my hair.  But you know, I just don't think I can do it.  I might be able to work up a paragraph.  Here goes.  If it's boring, it's Julie's and Melanie's fault, because I would never do this if they hadn't gone first.

I finally have hair love in my life after an entire lifetime of hair hate.  Although my hair is a nice color, it is utterly impossible.  (Of course, since I turned about 43, said nice color has been a chemically enhanced color, but let's leave that aside for the moment.)  It is thin, baby fine, limp, and perfectly straight.  Which is not to say that it hangs perfectly straight, like hair that has been straightened, because it does have a bit of a bend around my ears and I have two cowlicks.  By "perfectly straight" I mean that there is nothing on God's green earth you can do to get the ends to curl, or even curve.  Believe me, I spent many hours in high school trying everything I could think of.  Then spent the better part of my twenties with a perm, which made it frizzy and apparently thicker, but the ends still would not curl.  And thin?  When it was long enough to pull into a pony tail, it was about as big around as my index finger.  I had to buy ponytailers in the children's section to get them small enough. 

(Hey!  Second paragraph!)  Then about five years ago, I was introduced to the amazing, wonderful world of hair product.  Now I use my amazing shampoo, followed by a dab of any old conditioner, smoosh in a little mousse, blow it dry with a metal round brush, and voilà!  Curved hair.  It ain't cheap, but it has changed my life.  For the first time since junior high, I love my hair.  Not every day.  I still have hair hate days.  But there are many days when my hair makes me happy.  So just in case any of you out there are dealing with the thin, fine, limp hair problem, may I just tell you this:  Ojon Hydrating Thickening Shampoo.  It's expensive, but I don't drink lattés anymore and it's less expensive than a thrice-weekly latté habit.  And you don't have to use it every day.  No, I did not get anything from them to say that, but if they should happen to come across this post and want to send me a year's supply, I won't turn it down.  Just sayin'.  Same goes for Nexxus Comb-Thru hair spray, which is not especially expensive but equally amazing..  Much happiness on planet BeaN. 

And before someone tells me to stop using conditioner, I'll say in advance that I've tried that.  But my tresses are so thin and fine that if I don't use at least a little bit of conditioner on them, they get all static-y.  I look like I have a tesla coil in my pocket.  Or maybe I'm just glad to see you.  Wait.  Did that work?  It made me laugh, anyway.  And I called my hair "tresses," just as if I were Rapunzel.  (and while we're on that topic, I will remind you--because doubtless you already know this-- that Tangled comes out on DVD next Tuesday, and it is worth watching.  Much fun.)

Well that was THREE paragraphs, although the third one was short.  Let's see, what else can I tell you.  The floors are done, as of about 6:00 this evening, and I did take pictures although I haven't figured out how to load them on here yet.  I remember I put pictures on here once about three or four years ago, but I have no idea how I did it.  So now we just have to put the house back together-- literally, since we moved all the furniture, took the beds apart, took the doors off rooms and closets, etc.  So guess what we will be doing tomorrow?  Had the meeting with the tax guy today, grumble and groan but at least that is done except a couple of little details he wants us to track down.  And since we are leaving the middle of next week to go South, I only have one class next week, so although I have TONS of studying I could and should do, the only thing I have to do in the next four days is read half of Emma.  Dang.


  1. Ah ha ha ha!!! And you got many paragraphs out of your beloved tresses! Lol, yay for our hair!

    Also, seriously, nice job with the floors and taxes. I know, you weren't exactly down on your knees pounding nails or grappling with the numerals, you still did (and will) accomplish a ton!
    (Now, go study.)

  2. I on the other hand have very thick hair, and I shed like a dog. BUT I also have the hair I always wanted but never knew I had, all because I finally said no to the blow dyer. If I don't blow the mane dry and just let it dry on it's own it dries in ringlets. WHO KNEW!

    And of course then there is that gray streak that just rocks my world every morning.