Saturday, October 30, 2010

meta stuff

So, inspired by Julie, I added a list of the blogs I read regularly over there on the left side.  I know I left some out because only the most recent five of the Betty blogs show up on Lucy March now, and my memory's not that great.  In other words: work in progress.  But, more to the point, some of you are (wisely) protecting your privacy so well that I didn't have any way to e-mail you and ask permission.  So if you'd rather not have your blog listed, let me know and I will remove it pronto.  (Since I have so few readers, my e-mail is in a link on my profile.)

And I can already tell I'm going to love having that list over there.  It makes checking through all "my" blogs easy cheesy.  Great idea, Julie.


  1. Since I did mine for (nearly all) selfish reasons I was glad to help, or suggest. And now, after I read the next post, I will be ALL current with Aunt BeaN. Sadly it is going on 4:30 (yes a.m.) and that's possibly even too late for me to e-mail you coherently tonight.

  2. are there sunspots or something? I haven't been able to get to sleep for awhile now. I keep staying up later and later, although I confess I haven't made it to *4:30* yet!! But got in bed at 1:30 a couple of nights ago and tossed and turned for another hour or two. hate that.