Monday, May 21, 2007

A couple of months ago, after the Oscars that nobody cared about, I posted a fairly lame objection to the grisly, depressing content of most "important" films these days. I couldn't come up with a reason to feel that way other than I just don't want to be depressed when I go to the movies. Sure you can get a certain kind of bleak joy out of a beautifully made film no matter what its content, art from despair and all that. But I just don't like them.

So you can imagine my delight today when I read not one but TWO opinions that said much of the same thing. one at click here that is commentary by Andrew O'Hehir about the current crop of films at the Cannes festival, and one that I found at Arts and Letters Daily that is actually about literary novels but says something along the same lines click here. They express my general idea far more gracefully and elegantly and make it sound like a real opinion. I've actually thought about this a fair amount lately (there's a surprise) because there haven't been any movies I wanted to see for a long time. What kind of movies do I like? I can't stand brainless romantic comedies, it's been years since I saw one that I enjoyed (which was "While You Were Sleeping" because I love Bill Pullman-- with possible honorable mention to "You've Got Mail" which I mainly enjoyed because of all the references to great kids' books). So I was trying to think what are the five movies I've seen in the last five years that I enjoyed the most. So, (don't laugh) here's the list: the three Lord of the Rings movies, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles. I'm hopeless.

But Shrek 3 is out and the new Pirates movie starts this weekend-- suddenly fluff movies abound.

fluffily yours,
Aunt BeaN


  1. Two movies I really like, one recent, one less so, are "About a Boy" and "Stranger than Fiction."

    They are both, in a sense, love stories, but in both cases the romance takes second place to a different kind of "love story."

  2. I loved "About a Boy"! Haven't seen "Stranger than Fiction," though, I'll have to check it out.

    BTW, Hi, Cheery-O! See you in June...