Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shopping for prom dresses

I'm tempted to just stop right there, with the title. Because anyone who has ever gone shopping for a prom dress (redundant: with a teenage girl) will know exactly what I'm going to say without me having to type another word. There's your daughter, with stars in her eyes, and every nerve vibrating with excitement for her first prom. She wants it to be perfect. And then there's you. The one with the budget. The one who knows that even the most expensive dress will not guarantee the perfect evening. The one who knows that even the most perfect prom night ever will not end up being the highlight of her life (god help us if it does). And the one who already knows she will pay more than she can justify (on any level) for this dress, because if she doesn't, the evening will be a disaster before it even starts.

As my friend Susan said, sometimes you just have to shell out.

Aunt BeaN

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