Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I stumbled across the Arts and Letters Daily site at some point and it is another goldmine of interesting stuff. You could spend weeks following all the links. But the reason I'm thinking about it today is because of a link to a really interesting article here. It's really long (you'll be able to tell it was a slow day at work today), but has lots to think about. He's talking about literary theory, which is a pretty dry subject for the most part, but the arguments he makes for changing the current literary climate are so similar to my feeling about my search for a spiritual path that I was fascinated. I almost e-mailed him to tell him how much I appreciated his thoughts. It's pretty strident at the start and at the end, and he has maybe a little too much fun with phrases from an article that the author (Prof Menand) probably never intended as a statement of belief. But still it made my day.

I'm too bleary to say any more than that, it's after midnight. I thought I killed my computer this past weekend trying to re-live my geek days and upgrade the RAM myself. All is well (after a weekend of total panic followed by a very humbling ten-minute stop at the local tech support place) but I've spent the last two hours backing up all the files that I thought were gone forever. So now I can sleep peacefully.

Aunty BeaN

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